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If you require a kerb, this is a good point to construct it. Road kerbs, plain or decorative edgings, small unit kerbs, or setts laid lengthways are all suitable. The kerbs must be laid on and haunched with concrete in order for it to restrain the body of the paving and prevent it from disappearing into the garden.

It doesn't matter what condition your outdoor space is currently in, we can install quality blocks on proper ground works to ensure a beautiful driveway that will last.

Products: Block Paving

By using leading brand name products, including Marshalls and Plaspave, we can guarantee the quality of our products matches the quality of our service.
What’s more, you will be reassured to know that wherever and whenever practical, we specify ethically and environmentally friendly products


  • 10 year guarantee – From date of purchase we guarantee the structural integrity of our paving blocks when used in residential schemes.
  • Paving your driveway  or patio adds value to your property
  • Quick to install – paving an average driveway can be completed in 3 days (including preparation)
  • Appearance – Paving enhances the look of any property
  • Varity of colours, textures and finishes – Paving  to complement both traditional and contemporary surroundings
  • Durable – Paving bricks are long lasting and extremely durable with little maintenance
  • Bespoke design - There are so many variations of designs and patterns in laying paving, no job is the same as another
  • No costly repairs - If a paving block gets damaged in any way, it's easy to replace
  • Our interlocking paving blocks are sand jointed to allow flexibility, which eliminates the possibility of joints cracking.


We are experts in Block Paving



There should be four layers to all residential flexible block or brick paving installations, whether on a drive, patio or for a path.



There are many different styles of block paving driveways available for purchase from Maughan Construction.
These include:
  • 45 Degree Herringbone
  • 90 Degree Herringbone
  • Stretcher Bond
  • 45 Degree Stretcher Bond
  • Basketweave
  • Californian Weave